Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate Lead Generation


Social media has become widely used among most of the population across the world. With hundreds of millions of people online on different platforms of social media, it is understandable that social media real estate lead generation and marketing is very profitable on the different platforms. 

However, it is important to understand how and why it is so valuable to be marketing your business on social media platforms. To understand this, we need to first look into what the best options for social media digital marketing in real estate are. 

Best Real Estate Social Media Platforms

The important thing to understand is that there are many social media platforms out there, but that not all of them are important for your business to be on. A real estate business has important requirements for you to implement social media for the business. 

Let us first look into the different types of social media platforms that are worthwhile for your real estate business. 


LinkedIn has always been a formal social media platform that allows individuals and companies to connect with each other. It hosts various opportunities to post job openings and milestones reached within a company or for individuals. 

Any reputable business, brand or person that you know of, will most likely have a LinkedIn profile and will include updates about their professional life, which might not be posted anywhere else. Thus, as a real estate business, it is essential to utilize LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn helps build up your company’s name to a multitude of professionals who would be interested in the business, either as investors, clients or even applicants. You could be seeking real estate agents, compliance officers or any other employee for your company, and having your business there will allow you to be seen by a myriad of worthwhile candidates. 


A real estate company deals with various aspects of selling, and selling a property requires understanding the art of visuals. Highlighting and displaying properties that you are selling in an aesthetic manner and in the most appropriate platform is key. That is where Instagram comes in. 

This social media platform was created so that people could share highlights of their days as ‘stories’ and post pictures and videos of their fondest memories.

While it is not as effective as LinkedIn for business professionals, you can still post about job openings and recruit real estate agents and investors. Create links to forms where people can apply and you might just find exactly who you are looking for. 

On top of that, Instagram has the ability to create very aesthetic slideshows and stories that allow for you to market different properties and create interaction with your audience. Building up your list of followers allows you to expand, and over time you will be able to garner a larger audience by creating interactive posts, stories and consultations. 


Twitter, now known as X has been a staple for the Western world in terms of social media. It has been at the top for a decade now, and it is filled with most average citizens to the top influential people in every respective field. 

While Twitter does not have a specialty in any field such as networking or stories, it has its own feature of utilizing the hashtag symbol

If your hashtags are consistent to your niche, aka real estate, anyone searching the same hashtag will come up on your posts. However, this requires you to keep posting consistently, providing valuable information to people and also building credibility over time. 


Facebook has been operating for a long time, and it has developed various features to work for both formal and informal settings. Creating a business page is step 1 when it comes to creating a brand image on Facebook, and after that comes the process of building it up. Running ads and sponsoring your page to be seen by relevant people will allow your page to grow.

Consistently posting worthwhile content in the form of both videos and pictures will make it more engaging for the audience, and seeing the face behind the work always helps! On top of that, once you have built a strong audience that are invested in your business, you can create even more intimate zones for them to join in.

Facebook allows for the creation of a group for your business, and if you are active on there, people will seek you out with questions, provide their own input and receiving intel from you will allow them to trust you more. Group chats are also an easy creation through the group function, which allows for people to also get to know each other, and your interaction will also allow you to know more people and get them to communicate with you. 

Important Factors of Social Media Platform

Social media platforms can act as a non-optimized version of CRM for real estate agents and companies. You can acquire a lot of people and get their information, however, they are not your customers yet, and you need to find out if you suit each other to get into business. Some important factors for being sure on which social media platforms to use are:

  • Ability to create engaging posts
  • Ability to create a niche of people
  • Ability to find and recruit people for your company
  • Building attention and interest to your company
  • Ability to deliver useful content 
  • Ability to post content and spread it within the niche
  • Ability to post videos and pictures to familiarize yourself with the audience


Knowing what social media platforms to use is important, otherwise you will be bogged down trying to manage way too many for no value. The ones mentioned in this article are great for creating new leads to your business because of their intrinsic value of being able to provide specific functions that are primarily unique to them. On top of that, those functions help deliver people interested in real estate, to your real estate company.